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Parents arrested after 2-year-old son was left alone on the street: they confiscated marijuana at home | National

The couple was arrested after their two-year-old son was found wandering on the street early Thursday morning, a fact that led to the discovery of a Sativa hemp plantation in his house.

According to the information provided by the prosecutor’s office at the court hearing to control the arrest and formalize the investigation, the accused I.AH.H. (21 years old) and her partner ABC (22 years old) were arrested after Carabineros was alerted to the presence of a minor walking alone in the street.,

At that time, a procedure was launched to violate the rights of the child, when the neighbor Calle Manuel Rodriguez in Punta Arenas reported that the child lived in the house where the door remained open, making sure that there were no residents, two bags and a box of satin shoes for cannabis and dumbbellsWhen the child’s parents arrived, they told the police that they had left because of an emergency in the hospital.

Although defender Vanya Caceres claimed that conducting an autonomous trial for entering a house without permission was illegal, Judge Juan Villa declared the detention lawful because he was 2 years oldwhere the carabinieri employees seemed sensible to enter the house to protect the minor.

Against this background, the prosecutor Rina Blanco informed the accused that they were being investigated for drug-related crimes and for keeping the child alone at home.

In particular, two bags were found in the house containing 182.8 grams of cannabis sativaand also inside the shoe box was found 79.5 g marijuana, also a digital balance, so both were registered possession and possession of an illegal substance.

The defendants regained their freedom, keeping the precautions with regional roots, and the deadline for the completion of the investigation was set at three months.

In his statement The accused indicated that he happened to see his partner and his son, and after he took medicines for his grandmother from his partner to the hospital, they received a notice that Carabineros was with his son in his houseafter the baby woke up.

As for the drug, the defendant stated that he bought 50,000 pesos in marijuana in the Barrio Sur area and purchased it for personal use, not for sale.

For his part, the accused argued that put the child to sleep, they went to the hospitalAnd when they returned, they found the Carabinieros with their son.

At the hearing, Judge Juan Villa also expressed concern about the situation of the minor, where he was told that after the episode was under the protection of grandparentsAfter Carabineros left the child in anticipation of a family court decision.

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