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Pachter: upcoming consoles will not be delayed until 2021

For most, it is predicted that the next PlayStation and Xbox will debut in 2020, because, despite the growth in hardware sales, the industry requires a generation change, and this is a fact that both PS4 and Xbox One, in some of their names, show signs of that the highest possible performance has been achieved. However, some industries believe that a favorable market environment could lead to the emergence of the following consoles until 2021, and Michael Pachter spoke about this.

During an interview with GamingBoltMichael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, talked about versions that suggest that the next PlayStation, like the new Xbox, will debut until 2021, given the favorable trend of PS4 sales and the rebound that Xbox One appears to have. good reception xbox game pass. In this regard, Pachter believed that this would not change the plans of the companies, and predicted that this would be in 2020, when the players will receive a console of a new generation. However, the analyst chose to concentrate on what will happen with the current generation, and decided that, in the end, both hardware proposals will begin in the same year: “I think it will be more interesting what happens with consoles of this generation Historically, Microsoft reduced the production of its previous console shortly after launching a new one, and Sony did the opposite, as it supported the production of the previous console for some time, even for up to 3 years. different from the world, and they think they can still sell from 20 to 30 million consoles in Africa, Asia, Latin America and developing countries in Europe, so I think they will support PS4 at a price of $ 149 or something this kind of next years. "

On the other hand, Pachter noted that, although companies are considering their next console based on their characteristics, the situation with the PS3 and Xbox 360 will not happen again, because it will give an advantage that may be irreversible in the future: “Microsoft tend to think that Xbox Two, or whatever they call it, it will be so powerful and wants to sell all these consoles, not the Xbox One. It would be interesting to see, but no, I do not think that they are delayed until 2021. Xbox One goes so well that it postpones the launch of the next Xbox, and if Sony makes a mistake, waiting until 2021, Microsoft will get the advantage that happened with the Xbox 360. Sony will not allow them to have that advantage in this. occasion. "

What do you think about the statements of Michael Pachter? Will 2020 be the year when we see the new PlayStation and the new Xbox?

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