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Omar Merlot appears as an alternative to Kolo Kolo if he leaves Mathias Zaldivia

Although not a single proposal was formalized by the Argentines, a patch was placed in Cacique, and, if it came, they would go for the defender Mario Salas had in Huachipato and Sporting Cristal.

The representative of Matthias Zaldiviya warned him: Kolo-Kolo is doing well, he has a contract until 2021, but it is estimated that in the coming days You can issue a proposal from abroad defender,

And while this has not happened yet, in Mexico they are already talking about three cubes that will prepare a formal offer introduce him to Cacique and thus rely on the services of a protector.

Given this, Mario Salas already has a plan B: if you go to Zaldivia, Kolo Kolo has Omar Merlot in the folderOld friend of the commander.

Salas sent Merlot to Huachipato and he always asked for it at a Catholic university, but he was never taken away. Has reached Sporting Crystal and they immediately met him with a request, where he was the stronghold of the great campaign, making a deuce with the chosen Renzo Revoredo.

The former acerero was a player who added more minutes to Cristal, with more than 3,000 in 42 games he played for a yearIn addition, it has a plus, which is Chilean, since it was nationalized before leaving for the country of the north.

In any case, this option will be activated only if Zaldivia exits, Merlot was also an option in case the repair of Julio Barroso failed but the admiral signed another two years.

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