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Offer to take two BPs a year divides experts and politicians | National

The director of the Unified Admission System, Maria Elena Gonzalez, said that it would be difficult to take the University Selection Examination (PSU) twice a year, given the need to improve the admission system.

The above, after the idea put forward by Crach and the Ministry of Education, was perceived by good eyes as an answer to students who cannot remain in public universities.

In this regard, a member of the Commission on Education Chamber Jaime Bellio said that it is important to move forward in He described it as a “fundamental” test twice a year.,

"This means that more students do not have to wait a whole year … there are some difficulties, but I think it's easier than completely changing the test. ”he supported.

On the contrary, from the academic world I do not see this initiative with good eyes. This was stated by the director of Nodo XXI, Victor Orellana, an institution that conducts various studies in the field of education.

Orellana stressed that The perfect university admission system is free access.because in this way the emphasis shifts from career growth to those who score the most points in PSU, and it changes, leaving those who are more professionally able to do it.

All the actors agreed that the university admission system should be modified, since PSU 2018 showed that 26% of students did not exceed 500 points.

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