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Nicholas Gavilan won 322 million in “Pasapalabra”

Member Nicholas Gavilan never ceases to amaze, The new chapter "Pasapalabra"Was closer than ever to El Rosco, the prize of a millionaire who had accumulated in 322 million pesos,

Undoubtedly, Gavilan is the favorite candidate of the public to receive this award, because his 37 space missions they won the hearts of the audience.

Although this is not the first time that he was close to the desired mining, this time he was closer than ever, since he missed only one word to take home.

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The definition given by the space driver, Julian Elfenbane, was "horse-drawn carriage with two seats, open and with a hood".

Gavilan replied "vehicle", which was wrong, as he referred to "victory". The animator explained that they were just like they were in viña del marbut the participant explained that he never visited the garden cityso I had no idea.

But it was not at all a defeat, as Nicholas Gavilan said that he would continue to try: “I will continue to relate (…) to people, to thank everyone, I received great support, great affection".

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