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New update and Instagram Stories feature

Instagram has more than one billion users who publish photos, videos and more daily in their “Stories”, material that lasts 24 hours. But now the company that owns Facebook, gives a new twist to this tool.

This Friday, the company announced a new feature called Close Friendsthat allows you to share stories only with the people you choose to post, looking for more privacy for those who do not want all their followers to see certain materials.

An Instagram post explains that Instagram Stories It has become a place for self-expression and sharing everyday moments, but our community has grown, and sometimes what you want to share is not for everyone. ”

How to make some people not see your stories?

It is expected that South America will be activated over the next few hours, and, as usual, will be implemented gradually over the course of the days. In the meantime, we will tell you how to activate it.

Step 1:

Log in to your profile and tap the Close Friends option in the sidebar. "Only you can see a list of close friends, and no one can ask to add it, so you can feel comfortable tuning it at any time," the company said.

Step 2:

When you share a story, you will see the opportunity to share only with people from a list of close friends. If someone adds you to your list, you will see a green icon when you view their stories. You will also see a green ring around your profile in the History tray.

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