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Netflix will no longer allow subscriptions through the iOS app

From now on, iOS users who wish to join Netflix will not be able to subscribe to this service directly through the app. As expected from August of this year, Netflix has finally completed its exit from the Apple payment system stop paying a 30% commission that the company sets for each subscription activated from an application that uses iTunes as a payment platform.

“We no longer support iTunes as a payment method for new users” said a Netflix spokesperson on the VentureBeat website.

In this case, iOS users who want to subscribe to Netflix for the first time should indicate their Web browser subscription as well as those who wish to renew their membership after a period of inactivity.

Of course it's a change it will not affect users who have already hired and will keep the service active for this form of payment“However, existing members can continue to use iTunes as a payment method,” a Netflix spokesman said.

Netflix’s decision to withdraw subscriptions in its app on iOS devices to avoid Apple’s accusations is not an isolated case. In the past Spotify also removed this option. for the same reasons, in the Android and Google area, the most notable case was the application review of Fortnite from Epic Games.

Apple sets a commission of 30% for repeated subscriptions through an iOS app. This figure drops to 15% when users are regular subscribers.

Taking into account that Netflix remains one of the most downloaded applications on the App Store, in the case of this company the stakes will not be lower and may be key in your plan to maximize your profits.

Netflix has not yet announced when this change will be implemented globally.

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