Thursday , September 19 2019
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NASA Finds Star Trek Space Mars Logo on Mars

The "logo" of the space fleet appeared on the surface of the planet Mars and was captured by the Mars Intelligence.

Mars intelligence found a kind of figure on the surface of Mars. NASA researcher discovered the famous Star Trek space fleet on the surface of the red planet.

NASA’s Twitter High-Resolution Science Experiment has published an image of the dunes of Mars. The tweet was accompanied by a message in which we were asked to find out what the logo was.

Twitter users have clearly realized the hint of Star Trek and the similarity of the Nasa image with the Star Trek Starfleet logo. Here is a comparison of both NASA and Star Trek images.

One user wrote: “The explanation is simple: William Shatner was already there, and the Martians built a large dune carved in his honor.” Others simply responded by sending Star Trek gifs in response.

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