Monday , February 17 2020
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NASA bans marijuana smoking to Elon Musk

The agency has convinced him of almost seven billion reasons.

Remember that the time when Elon Musk appeared Joe Rogan's Experience smoking herbs by chance? Well, NASA found out about it and, apparently, they are not at all pleased.

Although the space agency has nothing against the use of more and more legal drugs; It seems to be worried how this may affect the safety of his operations, that one of his main contractors encourages the consumption of substances that change feelings

Elon Musk smokes grass and shows that he designed an electric plane.

The point is not that Elon Musk was going to climb a rocket after smoking marijuana. But your employees. So Jim bridenstein, NASA administrator talked about this; and stressed that Musk will not do it again in public:

I will tell you that (his behavior) was not useful and that it did not inspire confidence; and the leaders of these organizations should take this as an example of what to do. Especially when they run an organization that will launch American astronauts into space.

I will tell you that he is as committed to safety as any; and he realizes that this is not the appropriate behavior, and he will not see him again.

Bridenstein said that we would no longer see Elon Musk drinking alcohol or smoking weed in public. All while your company SpaceX and Boeing they are collaborating on a project to achieve manned flights of civilians into space.

All this together is a contract for $ 6,800 million USA, So any person in the Muska situation would have succumbed.

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