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More than 50% of homosexuals in Chile are afraid to demonstrate affection in society | National

A survey of the Movement for Homosexual Integration and Release (Movil) with the support of the Ministry of Health showed that More than half of gay men are afraid to demonstrate affection in public,

This is about The first survey on the behavior of men who have sex with other menThis was done by a total of 1,216 men (88% of Chilean nationality) aged 15 to 29 years in the metropolitan area.

The data show that 39% of them began to feel attractive to people of the same sex up to 10 years and 42% made it to 15 years.

Besides, 47% of respondents decided to reveal their sexual status from 16 to 20 yearsor a heterosexual friend (43.9%), a close gay (22.4%), a relative (10.9%) and a mother (8.9%).

Director of the Medical Center Movil Diego Rios explained Third that these results reflect “a very important lack of reliability that exists in the family (…), where the father’s figure is not reflected”.

The survey found that 62.4% of the sample began to show affection in public between the ages of 16 and 24. However, 15.5% still do not dare to express their affection to other people,

As for discrimination, 64% of respondents admitted that they once felt discriminated, while 53.9% of homosexuals avoid showing affection in public for fear of being attacked, threatened or harassed,

The places where you most avoid showing your sexual orientation are public transport (40.3%), streets, squares, parks (33.6%) and public services (29%).

64.1% of respondents said they did not condemn discrimination, because they believe that it was not worth it (26.1%), believing that nothing will change (24.3%), because I didn't know where to turn (nineteen%) or feared reprisals (13.1%).

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