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Minsal: there are not enough supplies of yellow fever vaccine

Health Minister Paula Daza assured this morning at T13 in the morning that there was "no shortage of stocks" of yellow fever vaccine in the countryand it depends on each vaccination system that is used to provide the necessary medicines to those people who go on vacation to countries where the disease is present.

In this regard, Daza indicated thatthere is no shortage of stock, there is a yellow fever vaccine, you need to register, each vaccinator has his own system, and more doses will arrive, there is no shortage of stock. In February, a significant amount of vaccines arrives. ”

In this regard, the Minister added that "As a sanitary authority, we speak with individuals, with laboratories, with private institutions to see the possibility of improving management.but we cannot intervene in the process, the vaccine is not available in the public system, only in the private system, now, if people are registered for a suitable period of time, vaccines are available. ”

Overestimate the trip

As for the appeal to reassess the trip, if the vaccine is not available, which must be applied at least 10 days before the trip to the place with yellow fever, the owner of the sub-prognosis Minnsal repeated that "We recommend that people get vaccinated and overestimate the opportunity to travel. because whenever they go to a country where there is yellow fever and they are not vaccinated, there is a chance of infection, which can be a very serious and even fatal disease. ”

[LEE TAMBIÉN] Yellow fever: these are the countries where you need to be vaccinated

Yellow fever is a disease transmitted by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes currently present in Brazil and in areas of the Amazon such countries as Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, where it is recommended to be vaccinated.

Finally, the Minister noted that those who will go later to these countries "postpone vaccination so that people who are going to travel during these summer months can now leave. ”

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