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Ministry of Health confirms receipt of 48 thousand doses of yellow fever vaccines

After the number of people infected with yellow fever increased this year in Brazil, which caused a high demand for vaccines internationally, confirmed the arrival of a new stock of vaccines in Chile after a shortage of a couple of months.

This was reported by the Deputy Minister of Health of the Ministry of Health, Paula Daza, who stressed that 48,000 doses will be distributed by Sanofi Pasteur Lab vaccinations in the first week January,

“We contacted a laboratory that delivers this vaccine to Chile, and they informed us that they are already here, some already released by the Institute of Public Health and will begin to spread from the first week of Januarywhich will be available the first two weeks of the same month, "said authority in accordance with La Tercera.

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Thus, the wait ended for those who planned to go to places like Brazil or areas of Africa where the disease is, and thatGendaron watches in vaccinators arrange at the cottage.

According to information received in the morning newspaper, 2,200 hours of vaccination requests were recorded at the Las Condes clinic.

Authorities recommend that people who are planning to travel get a vaccine against this disease. at least 10 days before departure. Those who have already received an injection in this or in previous years do not need new doses because they are already protected.

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Yellow fever nor present in chileIn this regard, the health authorities have shown particular concern that people do not buy it in other countries.

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