Saturday , January 23 2021

Meghan Markle appears in public in the midst of her worst crisis.

In the midst of the first real crisis of his public image, or at least the first main role of her, and not for his controversial family, The Duchess of Sussex reappeared in London to come to the surprise at the charitable kitchen known as the "Kitchen of the Habb Community",, with whom he worked closely for several months to create a book of recipes, released last September.

Prince Henry’s wife’s return to Al-Manaar Community Center, where he launched a beautiful initiative formed by women affected by the fire of the Grenfell Tower to help those who lost their home in the tragedy check how the funds raised with your project, have allowed to extend the time of the kitchen which now works seven days a week, and the number of meals that are prepared daily, and which now also come to shelters for women or the homeless and nursing homes.

He was not just an amiable visit — the last time she was at the facility last January, before her exile, since Megan did not hesitate, put her sleeves, put on an apron and helped prepare some of the 200 dishes that needed to be sent. only this Wednesday. In addition, also invited her to be accompanied by his good friend, chef Claire Smith, to proudly show her the work they do volunteers with whom she collaborated side by side.

The future mother once again demonstrated her spontaneity and closeness, embracing all those present as soon as she arrived, and smiling, while her old roommates commented on her already bulging tummy.

One public appearance is enough for all the rumors that have been spreading in recent days about the complex nature of the duchess or her meeting with the palace staff or Isabel II herself because of her “too Hollywood” approach to her new institutional role They will be forgotten and once again will only talk about the faithful nature of the former actress.

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