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Marcela Vacaretstsa breaks silence due to conflict between Rafael Araneda and Caroline De Moras

One of the big contradictions that do not want to leave this year 2018 without finding an answer is what happened between Rafael Araneda and Carola de Moras after an audio leak from WhatsApp, where the animator talked about what happened to Katie Winter.

Recall that this problem ended with a complete break in the morning team "La Mañana". The drivers stopped talking, Carola did not appear on the screen and ended up outside CHV.

Although they were silent about this for a long time, the cheerleader spoke about it in detail these days.

"This leak had a tremendous cost, and it hurt, more than the cost, the pain of the family that was suffering at that moment. I think it was unfair, not because of my sound, but because of what they felt. I think it was also unfair because, in the end, no one measured the consequences of this and it happened like a colado, "he assured for Página 7.

After these statements, it was not Rafael Araneda who spoke out, but his wife Marcela Vacaretz, who, in a conversation with the Intrusos program, said that there were episodes of which not everyone knows.

“It seems to me that there is an unknown reality that no one knows, and I think that we should reveal it suddenly,” said Marcela, adding that Araneda ”He never spoke about the subject, he never mentioned. This is normal. Subject is. This is a real problem.".

Vakarezza explained that after filtering the audio, the animator always commented that it was a mistake, and immediately went to repair it to make it happen.

"One day at night Rafa makes this mistakein 10 minutes he is excluded from the group of our friends, and the next day, finishing the program, at a meeting with the whole team, where there are a lot of people, apologies to Carola, the apologies she takes, Feelings of hers, then she will have to answer, "he said.

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