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Mapuche women Aisen notified Deputy Arakeli Leuken: “You embarrass us”

Representatives of various Mapuche organizations in this region assured in a video that the national parliamentarian’s recovery efforts are far from representing the original people.

Through the video, more than 10 leaders from various communities and associations of “Mapuche” in the Aisen area openly criticized the deputy of the District Aisen Arakeli Leuken (RN), saying that “you do not represent us, but you confuse us”.

The leaders went to MP Layukuenu, who said in the national media that the request, announced by the opposition against Interior Minister Andres Chadwick, was a step to the left, did not fall well into the fundamental world.

Zulema Kalfoulef, president of the indigenous community Kalfule Koyaiki, sent a message to the RP deputy, noting that "it is not enough to have the Mapuche name when we say that we are Mapuche women who feel in our peak (heart)".

“We want to tell you that you are not our representative, we present ourselves as the territory of Aisen, we don’t need your voice,” adds Chiukyan Galindo, authority of Mapuche of the Rakiduntum Indigenous Association, in the record, demonstrating her dissatisfaction with the parliamentarian.

On the contrary, the leaders of the Mapuche in the Aisen region provided full support to the deputy of the Los Lagos Region, Emilia Nuyado (PS), “who will represent us in the request to Minister Andres Chadwick, to her we send all our new (forces or energies)”.

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