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Lucas Aveldagno will fly to U with a small football

Although they did not want to confirm the transfer in Spain, Azul Azul says that the inclusion of the Lucas Aveldaño plant from Tenerife to the University of Chile is advanced to make people forget the Gonzalo Hara bullets.

But be careful, in his last club, the 33-year-old Argentine didn't stand out just because he delivered his shirt soaked every week. According to petazetas media, the defender acted only in 5 of the last 19 games played this season, and almost always replaced the injured players.

And on the pearl they struggle with it. This is because, as they explain, there is another one interested in Aveldaño. This is the Balearic Athletic Club, the third division, but the Blues option is the one they like the most.

Of course, in his time in Europe he was in Mallorca, where he excelled, because in 2015-2016 he played 41 games and scored two goals. Despite everything, they assure that tomorrow it will be connected with the practice in Tenerife, the reason why the negotiations should be accelerated.

But be careful, as some arrive, others may leave. This is the case with Gonzalo Espinoza, who entered the horizon of the Newell Old Boys, a club that recognized interest.
“He is the player who asked our coach and we will try to get him to play with us,” said Cooperative Christian D Amiko, vice president of the leprosy team.

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