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Legendary Pokémon Palkia Appears in Pokémon GO Raids –

A few hours ago that new invasion heads began to appear in Pokemon go and website Serebii For their preparation did not take long.

In a statement on the page via Twitter, encourage users to notify them of new leaders and leave a link to see the details of those who have already gathered, which you can visit here.

Among them we have the form Legendary Pokémon Palkia,

In the mythology of the Sinno region, it is said that this incredible pokemon has the ability to distort space, and their formidable dragon-like attacks will undoubtedly contribute to their legacy in the GO pokemon. A space pokemon can split battles, as well as several others, so be sure to grab one before it disappears from raids on February 28 at 13:00. Pst.

To be able to do with it, You have to use honor balls what you will achieve by defeating him, so it’s very important to be prepared.

Palkia-pokemon anime
What do you think? Have you found other legendary pokemons? Will you do with Palkia?

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