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Learn the basics of Fortnite buildings

Something that distinguishes Fortnite from other shooters This is the importance of designs. Unlike Pub, his brightest opponent, in the Epic Games game, we have three types of map materials that we can use to create walls, floors, ramps or ceilingsThe combination of these elements means that in a matter of seconds we can gain a strategic advantage over an opponent or protect us from the rain of bullets,

Christian dragonist R. Castlunger, from E-Squad Academy, explains in the video you can see at the beginning, what are the main constructions that we can do, and some of the objects that we could find in Battle Mode Royalelike cracks or dark stones.

Ramp, floor and wall


Height is one of the key points to take advantage of Fortnite, In games in which the circle closes so tightly that no house is included, high constructions are usually visible where the game is determined at heights. Besides, with designs we can reach the impossible pointslike hills that can hide breasts with valuable material.

Material can be obtained from virtually any object that we find, from trees to cars. We only need to hit the beak to blame us. wood, stone and metal, depending on what we complain about. The construction speed is the same, but resistance of each structure it changes depending on what we use for that.

The tree is the most common, but it is also the weakest of all. When we build this stuff, in construction there will be only 60 points of lifeby spending a few seconds until it is completed, and with maximum values ​​of health. Keep in mind that buildings should always have support on the watch out for what is the fulcrum and don't forget to create a protection to protect the weak part.

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