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Juan Andres Camus Peak: Piñera won, and the Exchange had its worst year since 2013

Bad end of the year Chilean Stock Exchange and its main indicator IPSAwhich will be closed on Monday 31 December with a fall of about 9 percent.

This scenario resembles the statements of President Santiago of the Stock Exchange, Juan Andres Camuswho predicted a “collapse in stock prices” in October 2017, if Sebastian Pinera does not win the presidential election.

Paradoxically for Camus, Piñera was elected, and IPSA fell by 9.02 percent by 2018, leaving him in a scenario in which he will show the worst annual figures since 2013, when he fell 14 percent.

"The Chilean stock exchange closes a very bad year, like many exchanges in the world, because of a series of information that created uncertainty, and we would lose 9 percent profitability, which will affect pension funds," the journalist explained. Roberto Saha, from Weight to weight,

It should be remembered that Camus, who contributed 13 million 10 thousand pesos to the Piñera campaign, said that the triumph of the law is “good news for investors” because he provided a “lively market”, but they show the opposite stock market results.

Saha stressed that "what we are seeing is that the Stock Exchange will lose its worst performance since 2013This is the worst figure in the last five years, when the yield of IPSA, which is its main indicator, fell by 9%. ”

“Compare this drop by 9 percent with the IPSA increase of 34 percent in 2017 with President (Michel) Bachelet. According to Camus terminology, with non-market president IPSA grew by 34%, and with pro-market president IPSA fell by 9% "he argued.

To this, President Pinéra’s tweet is added, in which he marked the tenth week in a row of low fuel prices, citing the actions of his government when the rise and fall of gasoline is due to international factors and the price of a dollar,

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