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"It was the violence of a woman against another woman"

Despite the past years, it's hard not to forget about the parting of the actor Benjamin Vicuña and Carolina "Pampita" Ardohain in 2015.

The term of their relationship occurred against the backdrop of rumors of infidelity, as the Argentine said that he had found his former partner having sex with Maria Eugenia Suarez.

But three years after this dispute, "China" Suarez He broke the silence about this controversy and spoke to the newspaper La Nación to bring a version of his actions.

The actress was asked if she was a feminist, to which she nodded, and at the same time she was asked if she felt it in this scandal with the model there was no sorority, as many have sided with one or the other.

"In my case, everything was different because it was the violence of a woman against another woman“Began Suarez, who defended the rumors that existed around his name.

"Pity that the lie has been set, I will say this for the rest of my days. But, hey, time adapts everything in its place, I have a clear conscience, I am happy, everybody knows that Benjamin was separated, and it is a shame that he lied so muchand that the person affected has confirmed this. Those of us inside really know that this is not true, "he added.

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