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INE: Immigrants have more years of study than Chileans | National

The average number of years of study for foreign immigrants who have arrived in Chile in recent years, higher than local population, according to the study “Characteristics of International Immigration in Chile,” revealed Wednesday at the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

If people born in Chile at the age of 25 years and older have 11.0 years of study, those who have been studying abroad, 12.6 years of study on averagewhich is especially important at the moments when Chile is facing a rapid growth of its migrant population.

According to INE, if in 1992 there were 105,070 people born abroad who were permanent residents of Chile, which is equivalent to 0.8% of the total population, this share was 1.3% in the 2002 census (187,008 people) and reached 4.4% in 2017, a total of 746,465 international immigrants (registered in April 2017).

ARCHIVE | UN agency
ARCHIVE | UN agency

According to the latest government figures, the number of immigrants in Chile exceeds one million people.

According to the 2017 census, 85% of immigrants in Chile are concentrated in four regions: Metropolitan (65.3%), Antofagasta (8.4%), Tarapaca (5.9%) and Valparaiso (5.4%).

According to the same calculation, 50.4% of immigrants were born in three countries: Peru (25.2%), Colombia (14.1%) and Venezuela (11.1%).

The INE study also showed that the percentage of households that live in crowded housing is higher in immigrant families,

In fact, 20% of immigrant families are in homes in this situation, which is 7% for households without immigrants.

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