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Ignore the negative feelings of self-destruction of us – December 30, 2008

Have you ever been advised not to be so sensitive? The world in which we live offers us, every time more temptations to leave feelings aside and take away the pain. Listening to what our interior is trying to tell us is difficult, and while in the short term this may seem good, it’s a trap: ignoring these messages, we suffer more in the long run.

Although we think that everything happensignoring feelings can be very expensive and ultimately harmful to our bodies. When we leave, repress or criticize ourselves for feelings, health suffers. Studying them and losing the fear of feelings lead us to the opposite. Feeling leads to healing.

Effects of avoiding the senses

According to psychologist Maria Sunico, there may be several possible consequences of ignoring, denying or preventing negative emotions, and none of them is positive“It may happen that these emotions persist, that they deteriorate, that is, they have greater intensity, frequency, or duration, or that we begin to show inappropriate behavior, trying to neutralize them. This behavior can range from thinking (repeating the same thing) to avoidance strategies (alcohol, drugs, medications …).

Facing emotions is the first step to healing.

Facing emotions is the first step to healing.

A recent study by the University of Texas has shown how avoiding our emotions, we actually strengthen them, thereby increasing our aggressiveness. This can lead to many diseases in the body and in the mind, causing many health problems.

By suppressing emotions, we confuse and cause deep harm to our body. Emotions affect our entire body; Our body fights for our survival and tries to keep us safe at all times. While we tend to think that the lack of emotions puts us in a comfortable position, knowing how to respond to an emotion and its process can ultimately protect us from dangers, both physical and mental.

Suppression of negative emotions — anger, sadness, pain, or disappointment — is associated with heart disease, autoimmune disorders, ulcers, or gastrointestinal problems. Other studies show that sense suppression correlates with high cortisol levels – the hormone released in response to stress) – and the fact that cortisol produces less immunity and increases the toxicity of thinking. Over time, eUntreated or recognized stress can lead to an increased risk of diabetes.s, memory problems, aggression, anxiety and depression.

Adoption is key

While listening to our emotions is scary, and we may feel weird, introspection, Doing science of emotions and gradually gaining confidence means a significant improvement.The transition from failure to acceptance overnight may not be entirely healthy.

For Suniko, the best we can do to fight negative emotions is to accept thiss. “Emotions appear, it happens, they can strike (sometimes it hurts), but they always end up disappearing. The strategies we implement usually negate negative emotions. ”

Facing emotions is the first step to healing.

Facing emotions is the first step to healing.

Following this advice, the specialist offers a simple exercise.: “The next time you feel bad, stop for two seconds; find out the emotions you are experiencing (“there is sadness”, “there is anger”, “there is disappointment” …), take a couple of deep breaths while you dedicate a few words of encouragement, tenderness and think what happens. This is the first step from which, I am sure, you feel better. "

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