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"If someone bothers me, I'm a guatona …"

Belen Mora says that almost every day she is criticized for her appearance, but she is tired of commenting and attacked those who interrogate her with harsh criticism.

According to the Biut website, the comedian MCC said that “I am not affected by what people think of me. If someone bothers me that I am guatona, stick to a profile more slimOr, if they are worried about the fact that it didn’t work in the photos, go to what’s fixed because I’m natural, I’m natural, ”he said.

Then he added: "My dad, when he was a girl, told me that I was the princess of the world, that it was the most beautiful thing that she was." And he told me so many times that I believe in it. "

Finally, he concluded with the importance of accepting his body: “I enjoy my body. If I have six breasts, as in the joke of my routine, I have them, and I show them … In fact, when I was fat, I made characters and occupied them to bring joy to another person, ”he said .

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