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"If everything works out, I will return to Brazil."

Panther said his idea was to return to football, where he was already wearing Palmeiras and Gremio shirts.

After his departure from Kolo Kolo, little was known about lukas barriosExcept that he played a DJ at Christmas and got darts for it.

But the Panther reappeared to speak with Globo and explained where the shots could go about their future. “I love Brazil very much, and there are many clubs that call me, and from now on, if everything works, I will return to Brazilian football”he warned.

In addition, he stressed that “I am very glad that I won three titles in three years in Brazil. And I always said that I would like to return to Brazil, I always liked Brazilian football. This year, we played with “Kolo-Kolo” against “Corinthians” and “Palmeiras” in “Libertadores”, and I was good in all matches. ”

Barrios left Kolo Kolo after an opaque second stage, marked four goals and a moot point where he left, saying that there were things that were not comfortable.

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