Tuesday , November 19 2019
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"I would like to go to a big club like Kolo Kolo"

Forward Godoy Cruz in a conversation with La Cuart indicated that his representative was considering options for leaving Argentina.

In the next few days, Kolo Kolo will start the preseason. Estimates in Santiago and then travel to Buenos Aires to do the most intensive work. For this reason, black and white work against the time to close the inclusion for the next season.

One of the names that sounded strongly in the last hours is Angel González, who plays as a leader in Godoy Freight of Argentina.

In a conversation with La Cuarta 24-year-old attacker admitted that he likes the idea of ​​coming to a club like Colo Colo.

“Of course, I like the idea of ​​going to Colo-Colo. This is a big club in South America, very important, and it is always attractive for any player. In addition, Chile is a great country ", The attacker said that from vacation in Mexico.

“I heard rumors about Kolo Kolo, but I have nothing concrete about it. My representative told me that there were several proposals from outside, and I want to sit with him to see what we can do, ”he said.

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