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"I will leave Chile at any time"

the disappearance of Fernanda Maciel, A pregnant young woman, who was last seen in Conchal in February, continues to be intensively investigated in order to obtain more information about her whereabouts.

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Louis Pettersen, polo the above, missing for more than nine months, said in an interview morning tvn, very good morningThat whole process has it "Tired and Overloaded", assuring that he is accused of situations in which he is innocent.

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because of "Mental Fatigue" created by the subject, and the pressure that was felt after the interview with the newspaper Fourthwhich was named with his statement "I did not kill her", the young man decided to make a radical decision.

“I will leave Chile at any time, at the least known time. “I'm not even going to warn,” said Pettersen.

On the possibility of a future trip abroad, a pair of Masiel indicated that "I would not have had to give my address to the Office of the ProsecutorI can only say that I am going to travel, and I should not say where I will be. ”

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Remember that 21-year-old Fernanda Maciel has disappeared February 10 after leaving home in Konchali. After investigations, Louis Pettersen, a couple of young women, was also called to testify because they had a discussion a few days before his disappearance.

In recent months, they have appeared various evidence that seeks to figure out what happened, therefore, the police made more specific expert opinions on the case.

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