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"I was hoping to leave Colo Colo differently, well, but it could not be done"

In a conversation with CDF, former Cacique player says that he has offers from Chilean and foreign clubs to continue his career. In addition, he admits that he still hurts, as he left the club Albo.

Gonzalo Fierro was one of the Colo Colo players who will not follow this 2019 year. Although Young Pistolero wanted to remain associated with Cacique, Negotiations with black and white did not reach the port and ended outside the macula.

The former captain spoke with CDF News, and he was honest. “It was not what I wanted, it was not what I expected, but you, you can’t do anything, you don’t have to keep complaining, but keep going, keep working. they give. Unfortunately, this is part of life. You have to raise your head, as if you had lost, to continue playing for another couple of years, ”explained Fierro to the broadcaster.

In addition, the former chief of Cacique said that "I expected to go differently. I expected to leave the club once, but I didn’t manage to go as I wanted. Football such. Sometimes you are fine, sometimes bad. Who said that if in the next club where you sign, you win titles. You should just work. "

Young Shooter also acknowledges that after leaving Kolo Kolo, his future may continue in another club. “There are options, but we should try to find the best one possible. We must continue to win important things for our careers.You have to make decisions together with your family and people close to you so that the decision you make is the best. There are things outside, but you have to analyze them. Everyone has a family, and when he leaves a country or a city, he gives rise to many things. and for this the family must also be available. You have to analyze it with them, "said Fierro at the CDF.

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Fierro made his debut in Colo-Colo on March 9, 2002 in a victory over Calama in the municipality of this city, replacing Marcelo Espina.

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