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"I lived in situations that I did not expect"

On Sunday, November 25, 2018, will remain in the memory of David Pizarro. That day at the National Stadium midfielder born in Valparaiso he played his last game like a pro in this symbolic region, where Chile received its first Copa-America.

This meeting, in which "blues", they said goodbye to the dream to achieve the title After drawing a voiceless against Ikiki, it was an ambiguous day for the “dwarf Providence,” and his uncontrollable cry left him in evidence.

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As soon as referee Piero Maza blew his whistle, ending the match, steering wheel tears that protected red when Chile won a bronze medal in Sydney in 2000 and throughout its 22-year career scored 56 goals and was a league champion with Inter, Manchester City and the University of Chile.

“You will miss the day in the locker room. People who are not only acquainted with football. Moving to the stadium, which is probably the most missed at the time, ”said Fanta in an exclusive interview with CHV Deportes.

Peck, who defended the shirts of Udinese, Roma, Inter Milan, Manchester City and Fiorentina, analyzed his time in U: “You know that my answer has always been on the court. I think this is what I have always cared about. This complicity that existed between me, the institution and the fans, would be indelible, because the fact that people recognize you as a landmark of the University of Chile leaves me very happy, especially for being alive, ”said Pizarro because of his close alliance with the non-professional team.

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What do you think of the situation in Chilean football?
– This work needs to be done, especially in the international part, where, as I understand it, we are very good for that, but we also have no personality problem, to believe history and to fight in a certain way on equal terms, as in the past, Chilean football. I think this is where we refuse and where we should improve, no doubt. Not only the University of Chile, but the entire Chilean football.

His love for Wanderers and his exit through the back door

“I have been away for 16 years, so I thought the situation had changed. I came back and I found a much more personalistic, selfish country and where I was not lucky to meet with bad leaders, in terms of a person, a person, ”he said.

To which he added: “I was amazed at how it is reported, and that because the person leaves you a little busy, because at the end I am a guy who has values, a guy who was loyal and always was a line, what is expected is that they are looking at you in the face, and if they do not tell you what they are saying to you, but nothing will happen, the world will not stop, on the contrary. But I lived in situations that I did not expect, because it happens at home, and it is difficult. "

Rome, the city and Mati Fernandez

“I spent seven years in Rome, and we all survived. It looks like my second skin in Rome, because seven years have passed. We were fine, fought champions, champions and everything that touched me. I played with one of the best Italian players of the last 50 years, then we had a good time. In addition, all that means the city. Therefore, I feel very identified with what we did there. When I got to Inter, it was my turn to partner with Figo, Sentai near Verona, Zanetti. I was lucky to play with great players. When I turn to the city. With Yaya, with Silva, Aguero, Tevez. Then these are situations that are strange today, ”he said.

The 39-year-old athlete also dedicated his words to his former partner, Matias Fernandez, with whom he played during his stay in Italy: “It's good that I met Mati's voice for three years (laughs). Happy because Mati also had very happy moments in Firenz (Fiorentina). He had two very good years, ”he said.

ANFP election

“The only thing I want is that they can work to be competitive, out of economic, because it was really difficult, because not all companies work in anonymous companies, on the contrary. Just look what happened to Deportes Concepcion. See Fernández Vial, La Serena. I only ask that we return to being competitive in management, as in sports. If in the end the sporting thing will bring more profit than nothing. Because they have to understand this, but, besides, I know that there are many people who have no idea what football is. Then, I hope, from the bottom of my heart, for the sake of our own good, that once again we will have new joys when this generation has passed, ”he concluded.

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