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How to automatically respond to WhatsApp New Year greetings


Today New Year's Eveso get ready to get greetings from whatsapp in sequence. And there will be someone who wants to spend the night and even New Year 2019 stuck on the phone by sending these messages with memes –and without them and answering them. But there will also be someone who prefers to enjoy this moment with the family, and then maybe send greetings to all at once take less and, as you can see, also avoid distractions answering whatsapp greetings automatically.

If you have an iPhone, I apologize for you, but this type of application for Android phones, There are quite a few that we can find in Google Play Store and although we will use them for respond to congratulations on New Year's Eve 2018 on my way automatic whatsappThere are many other possible uses. First of all, in order to not disturb us at certain times and to know that we are busy. One of them is AutoResponder, and it allows us to determine automatic message reply to anyone who writes us WhatsappIn addition, we can customize the behavior by limiting it to a few hours or choosing to respond only to messages with certain words.

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Applications for automatic response to the congratulations of the New Year 2018, which arrive on WhatsApp

In addition to the previous, there are also awayThis other one has a slightly simpler and more intuitive design, although it is the same. With her you can Automatically respond to New Year greetings on WhatsApp, and you can also choose whether to answer absolutely everything or only those from some contacts that you choose manually. The options for customizing the behavior are many, and you can define specific responses for specific messages.

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With these applications you can not only reply to messages automatically in the “normal” whatsapp profile, but you can also do it in Whatsapp businessSo, if you also have a WhatsApp account configured for your company on your smartphone, you can also choose Automatic answer for New Year's greetingsAnd manage aspects such as, for example, the fact that an automatic response is also sent to group chats. Whether or not you define all these aspects in the application configuration, in addition to the content of your automatic response.

Written by Carlos Gonzalez

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