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High Cholesterol Affects 400 Thousands of Mexicans

High Cholesterol Affects 400 Thousands of Mexicans

MEXICO CITY (Notimex). Familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) can cause myocardial infarction or cerebral vascular events (emboli) in young people, warns the Association of Patients with Heart Diseases (Paco).

He pointed out that this is a genetic disease associated with a very high level of cholesterol and a high risk of developing a heart or cerebrovascular event up to 55 years in women and up to 60 years in men.

An estimated 250 adults each represent him, and there are about 14 million patients in the world, of whom at least 400,000 are in Mexico.

This is an undiagnosed state, so the actual number of patients may be higher. This is a condition that is inherited from parents to children autosomal, that is, it is enough to get an abnormal gene from one of the parents to get it.

The descendants of a person with heart failure have a 50% chance of being born with this disease, and without treatment there is a high risk of heart attack or stroke in preterm age.

With the help of laboratory tests and medical examinations, a diagnosis can be made, as the disease usually does not show symptoms, although, according to the “El Universal” note, small fat globes on the hands, feet and heels can be a sign of bad cholesterol, as well as a clear headband in the eyes.

Paco’s Association urged doctors to be aware of the possibility of this disease in children and adolescents and to register cases on the email address, in order to include them in the Mexican register of hypercholesterolemia. families.

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