Friday , November 22 2019
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Hector Tapia suffered an incredible defeat

The real Garcilaso turned the series around and was preparing for the qualification, but in discounts he was condemned by a defensive mistake.

Hector Tapia and Real Garcilaso were eliminated in the first stage of the Libertadores Cup. Despite winning 2-1 against Deportivo La Guaira, they managed to advance.

A few minutes after the end, Tito turned over the series, dropping 1-0 in Venezuela and winning 2-0 in Cusco, thanks to goals from Alfredo Ramois (15 &) and Hernan Rengifo (68 &) ,

However, a serious defensive error condemned the cast of the Chilean coach, where he started and performed all the obligations of Andres Robles.

Garcilaso came from the back when the last minutes were played, and the defender who carried the ball slipped. José Balsa took the ball and met with the purpose of the Incas and determined a great way to score a discount in the game and 2: 2 in the overall standings, which gave the classification "laneros" for the purpose of the visit.

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