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Google patented a new security method, superior to Apple's face ID

Apparently, competition in safety methods on the part of manufacturers has already begun to reserve unlocking of fingerprints and began to focus on new technologies for these methods.

Today, apparently, the company By focusing on three-dimensional facial unlocking, as we saw in the new iPhone, Mate 20 Pro, and the rest of the manufacturers who began to choose this type of security and use it for current phones. It was also revealed Today a new patent registered by Google for its following devices.

But, apparently, as these patents show, it will not only be the use of security and unlocking, but also can be used to to locate objects that include light detectors in relation to other objects.

To better understand, one would be able to read the location of the user's hand relative to another part of the body, recognizing each part as such, from which light comes in, to detect gestures and perform functions performed.

Expected this New technologies will debut in mid-2019 and can be used in future Google devices.where he will also serve determine the location of the object in the environment. Thus, they can also include tracking the location of the unmanned aerial vehicle.

Source: Apple Patenty

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