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Gonzalo Fierro regret for his departure from Colo Colo: “I was hoping to leave differently” | football

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Gonzalo Fierro reviewed his commented output Kolo Kolo, assuring that he regretted the form and that his departure was not the way he imagined it. In addition, he acknowledged that he works with Chilean clubs, as well as abroad, to continue his career.

In the CDF declarations, Fierro indicated that the end of the cycle in Cacique "It was not what I wanted, it was not what I expected, but that was all. We should not continue to mourn, but we should hope to continue working. Sometimes you expect things that are not happening, and unfortunately, this is part of life. You have to raise your head to continue playing for another couple of years. "

“It will always be noted. I was hoping to leave otherwise. I knew that I would leave the club once, but because I wanted and couldn’t, Football is such, sometimes on the one hand you do poorly, and on the other you achieve success. We must continue to work, "added a player who also referred to how Hector Tapia was informed that he would not be renewed as DT albo.

“This is what you think you can take better. Regardless of whether people like the people or the management, respect should be paramount, and Hector, like me, trains at Colo-Colo and loves the club, like any other fan. With a quote or what you say things in person, and do not know otherwise, better and one is in a better position, "he said.

Rumors of differences in the Kolokolino team also came across Fierro, who claimed that “since I left, I said that the wardrobe of the Colo Colo is very good in terms of players and names (…) Sometimes what I want they work that way, and you can't, so you have to accept it. "

In addition, he added thatI have never seen a fight, but this is a difficult dressing room, and it always has been. This is Colo Colo's dressing room, the largest team in Chile, year after year it will not be easy, because the players come, while others gain experience. But you need to know how to wear it and try it, when something is wrong, whether in the locker room or in football, work harder or get better so that everything works better. ”

Finally, Fierro responded about his future and acknowledged thatThere are options, but you have to look for the best to keep on winning important things in the race. (…) There are also things from the outside, but you have to analyze them. Everyone has a family, and when you leave a city or country, it causes a change in many things. You should talk to them too. "

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