The year is not over yet, and good news continues to flow for the currently most popular battle. Generated numbers Fortnite not only will surprise the world of video games. Its influence is so great that in recent months the entire entertainment industry has followed a magnifying glass. According to information from TechcrunchEpic game generated 3,000 million dollars in 2018, an incredible figure when it was launched in September 2017.

To understand the amount of income, World Bank data in 2017 stated that 29 countries did not exceed 3,000,000 units of goods and services, Among the territories we can find Belize, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin or the British Virgin Islands, places that are largely dependent on tourism.

The collection has been reached thanks to its microtransaction model and its availability in all types of devices. Nowadays you can enjoy Fortnite In computer, game consoles and mobile devices, all offer a fairly similar experience. Android was the last important platform to gain title, increasing the number of active users by several million.

Of course, the income will increase significantly due to the Christmas season, when more players join the battle. Although some dared to predict a catastrophe Fortnitethe reality is that the game continues to grow month after monthThis has led to millions of dollars investing in Epic Games. lately It was estimated at 15,000 million dollars, surpassing Jamaica’s gross domestic product (GDP).

A North Carolina study has never shown how much it invests in marketing and in maintaining such a reliable infrastructure. Despite the large number of users who connect at the same time, Connection problems or server crashes are rare, Will they maintain growth rates in 2019? If the content is constantly updated, they are likely to repeat in an unusual year.

Success could not drown out the legal problems facing the company. Famous people such as Alfonso Ribeiro, 2 Milly and Backpack Kid presented requirements for dancing he copied FortniteThey could only be the beginning of a legal storm, because until May of this year they had “stolen” 58 choreographies. Of course, in the coming months we will find out the result of this story.