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Former instructor of the Platoon, Rene O. (Ryan), died.

For years, he faced a battle against cancer, until finally he could do it more.

Former instructor of the reality show "Peloton", Rene O & # 39; RyanHe died at the age of 53 in the Hospital de la FAS, according to Cooperativa, who were close to his family.

Ex-bus was also diagnosed esophagus cancer in 2017which was not treated in the traditional way, but rather with the help of other methods, such as changing the diet.

“I do not know whether I am healthy. I had to die in September“I was not going to spend Christmas, but I am here,” were some of his last words on television.

Various numbers such as MP Marisela Santibanes, Carla Hara or animator Arturo Walden"Kiwi" said goodbye to him.

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