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Federalism or Federation? Member of Pasapalabra blamed mistake in its elimination | TV and shows

In chapter Pasapalabra released Wednesday night, Alan Gonzalez finally lost to Claudia Contreras.

Although the young native Talcahuano managed to impose himself on several other participants, Claudia won it in her first chapter in the program by typing 21 words from El Rosco (the singer-songwriter had 20).

However, in his social networks, the young man said that the teacher won the wrong word.

“People from Pasapalabra, I never thought about specific aspects of the program, but in this past it’s great to clarify this,” he began, pointing to his Twitter account.

"Yes, Claudia's" Federacionismo ", in the chapter yesterday, is a mistake, and the score should be associated with 20 hits and 3 mistakes for both,"he added.

Recall that after Claudia relayed her answers in the program, Julian Elfenbein reviewed these concepts.

When it was the turn of the letter F, the driver said: "The theory or political current that protects the principles of the federation … federalism " (You can check out the moment in the 4th part of this link, starting at 00:52).

After the publication of Alan, various comments were made on the social network, the participant returned to address the topic.

“Speaking with the production, we agree that everyone missed the mistake, and it will be amended. Obviously, we maintain discretion, and we will tell you when the time comes, ”he said.

“For the rest, I highly appreciate the professionalism and transparency of the team and their willingness to recognize errors that are clearly unintentional. I appreciate and appreciate it, ”he said.

It should be noted that according to Royal Spanish Academy (RAE)the cultural institution on which it is based Pasapalabra, federacionismo is not written in your dictionary.

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