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Expareja de Juan Gabriel states that the singer is dead

CITY OF MEXICO, MEXICO.- Controversial environment that yes Juan Gabriel lives or not, he still gives what the world says. Many are waiting for his appearance, others say that this is a media show.

Last few days Isaac Efrain MartinezThe sentimental ex-partner of the late singer assured that he saw it on the day he declared himself dead.

“I’m sure not, he’s not alive,” he said in the program Suelta la Sopa de Telemundo.

People want to believe in it (they are alive) and they want to believe in it, and these are feelings that exist. I think it's good to have this illusion, but you have to accept things as they are, ”he said.

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He also said that he was in the last minutes. “I saw it, I’m the only one who knows how it all happened, and for me it’s a sensitive issue that I’ve never talked about with anyone, it’s my problem

Ex-manager Juan Gabriel, Joaquin Munoz assures Divo de Juarez alive and it will appear in the coming days.

For their part, several communicators claimed to have contact with him via instant message

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