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Every fourth person over 25 years old will suffer a stroke

United States

A quarter of people worldwide over 25 will experience cerebrovascular catastrophe (CVA) debilitating throughout their lives, evaluating a recent study.

Prices vary from country to country, but in the United States from 23 to 29% of people can expect a stroke throughout their lives, concluded a team led by Dr. Gregory Roth.

Roth is a professor of metric health sciences at the University of Washington at Seattle.

“These results suggest that adults should think about their long-term health risks, including stroke, at a much earlier age,” said Roth.

In a new report, Roth and his colleagues used data from a global burden of disease study to assess the risk of stroke for life among people aged 25 years and older.

The researchers examined two main forms of stroke: ischemic stroke caused by blood clots, which make up about 85% of the stroke; and ACV, caused by bleeding in the brain, called hemorrhagic stroke, which is about 15%. Data came from 195 countries and ranged from 1990 to 2016.

Looking at the data for 2016, the Roth team found that the risk of stroke for people over 25 varied from 8 to 39%, depending on where they lived. The Chinese are most at risk (over 39%), followed by people from Central and Eastern Europe. The lowest risk was in sub-Saharan Africa.

Sex did not seem to matter, and there were no significant differences in the risk of stroke between men and women, according to the report.

The likelihood of a person’s stroke increases with certain risk factors, including obesity, smoking and lack of exerciseThus, Roth suggested that the new results could help health institutions around the world improve their public education efforts.

For example, programs that encourage young people to train and wear healthier diets (with lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains), Roth noted. Efforts must also be made to help young people avoid smoking or smoking. excessive drinking,

“Physicians should warn their patients at a much earlier age about the actions they must take to prevent cardiovascular diseases and other vascular diseases at a later age,” Roth said.

Researchers have pointed out that governments can also lower the price of drugs to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Dr. Richard Liebman, vice president of neurology at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park, New York, said that "stroke is still the leading cause of disability and death worldwide." On a large scale, the prevention of LCA before it occurs may be even more important in certain geographic areas, although no region is free from this debilitating condition. "

The report appears in the December 20 issue of the Medical Journal of New England.

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