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Every fifth homosexual or bisexual last year never used a condom

Movil and the Ministry of Health announced the results of the first survey on the love, sexual and erotic behavior of men who have sex with men, the results of which gave alarming data on the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

According to the study, which was attended by 1216 young people aged 15 to 29 years from the capital region and of all the socio-economic segments, every fifth respondent did not use a condom in his relationship last year.

Over the past 12 months, only 28.6% "have always used" condoms; 31.8 percent used it “most of the time”, and 18.9 percent – only “sometimes”, while 20.7% said they never used a condom.

Meanwhile, 51.2 percent say that “most of the time” he uses a condom in his sexual relationship; 22.1 percent "just a few times," and 7.1 percent never used it. Only 19.6% report that, since their first relationship, they have always used a condom.

On the other hand, those who are currently using polysis say that they do not use a condom with their partner because “I trust” (19.4 percent) or “we both have been tested for HIV and we are negative” ( 20.1 percent), 21.7 percent say they always use a condom with their partner.

“The information presented in this study is extremely valuable because it consists of the first sample of this type, which is conducted in our country,” said the Minister of Health. Emilio santelices,

HIV Facts

Almost four out of five respondents (82.6 percent) know that people living with HIV (PVV) are discriminated against in Chile and reject in speech all types of exclusion from this group of people, recognizing that they deserve the same rights. than others (98.5 percent).

However, according to Movil, there is evidence of exclusion, which, although they are a minority, is as serious as they are concerned.

7.3 percent admit that at least once in their lives PLHIV were excluded, while 4.1 percent said they would not have friends with HIV, and 11.4 percent “may” have them.

Meanwhile, 26.3 percent even claim that they will never have a romantic relationship with a person living with HIV; 29.7 percent "would not share the dishes" with PVV; 19.5 percent will not care for a relative with HIV; 15.9 percent will not be associated with a colleague who lives with the virus, and 3.3 percent believe that PLHIV should be separated from the rest.

El Movil also revealed levels of ignorance and prejudice, since 18.6% believe that HIV cannot be transmitted between a man and a woman who do not use condoms; 21.8% believe that it can be transmitted by a mosquito bite; and 18.7% do not know which treatments contribute to maintaining the health of PLHIV.

In addition, 18.4% believe that PVV cannot function normally; 21.3 percent do not believe that condoms prevent HIV; 18 percent do not believe that a person with HIV may look healthy, and 18.3 percent believe that HIV cannot be transmitted between two men who do not use a condom.

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