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Essential Phone will cease production and Andy Rubin will focus on a new mobile product.

The Essential phone was introduced last May after several months of speculation. Andy Rubin, the father of AndroidHe demonstrated a smartphone and promised that the first copies will be sent in a month. However, he did not fulfill the promised date and was even involved in a series of scandals.

Finally, the phone arrived, but did not live up to expectations and stop doing, The company itself has confirmed that the units of its first device have been consumed and will not add more to the inventory. Of course, Andy Rubin and his startup do not give up and say that they are working on a new "mobile product" (which may or may not be a phone).

Career as promising and difficult

In May 2017, after some funding problems, we first saw the Essential Phone Essential PH-1 modular phone, which had first screen with a market tag and started the trend that follows iPhone X. This project promised a lot, because it was nothing more than a startup founded by Andy Rubin, the creator of Android.

It was Rubin who said in this presentation that Essential PH-1 will start shipping in 30 days, but the company did not meet the deadlineAfter several delays and a few explanations about this, the phone entered the market, but was implicated in several scandals, such as the accusation of violating the Spigen trademark or the requirement to steal trade secrets from Keyssa.

Essential PH-1

The news also leaked information that Essential Phone customer information was accidentally sent to third parties, and, even worse, Andy Rubin temporarily left the company. Be that as it may, Essential PH-1 did not reach the expected sales (only 90,000 devices in the first six months), and the development of its successor, Essential Phone 2, was discontinued.

Essential PH-1 was sold in several online stores and officially discontinued, but Essential will continue to sell accessories for it and release software updates.

Now Essential PH-1 is already sold out in several online stores and officially discontinued. A company that has laid off a third of its employees will not produce more phones, but will continue to sell accessories for the existing model andwill continue to release software updates (Do not forget that Essential Phone was the first terminal to receive Android 9 Pie after Pixel). In addition, as we have said, Essential will continue its activities in the market, focusing on its "next mobile product."

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