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Ernesto Belloni said goodbye to the “MCC” in an emotional farewell: “New doors will open” | TV and shows

A few days ago it was announced that Ernesto Belloni was leaving Morande with the CompanySince space will undergo a series of changes due to the current crisis that Chilean television is experiencing, the humor star would stop broadcasting on Saturdays to concentrate on version 3.0 only on Fridays.

In a conversation with TVN, Belloni said that this decision means "to reduce staff, among whom I am, because I travel on Saturdays." Because of the way I work and because of the problems with prices, I also have no place for Friday, ”the actor said first.

On the occasion, the comedian said that the emotional effect was stronger than the economic one, since most of his career was made in Mega and MorandeTherefore, he is very sorry to leave the space.

After several weeks of this news, this Saturday there came a moment of farewell, which was made on the screen, amidst a large number of emotions.

“Today is a sad day, despite the fact that we had fun laughing, this is a sad day, difficult for the Kike 21 family”I started by pointing to an animator.

“Ernesto is hard to understand what is happening … that the TV time we spent, this time, remains next door, I don’t think so”he assured, referring to the changes that caused Belloni's departure.

"For us, as a team, it was a great pleasure to be with gratitude, but believe me, the pain and pain of realizing that this is the last program we do with you is more"Added morand.

Belloni was very excited and said: “Let's hope that this is not the last, that later we will have more opportunities. Let's not take it as a farewell, let's realize that the new doors will be open ",

After that, they gave him a unique photo in which he looks naked and in a simple chair that he used for 15 years to work with his producer, which was quite a lot because he completed the moment with a big hug with a man.

But not only did he look worried, but one of his partners, Paola Tronkoso, could not hold back his tears of farewell.

Kike finished expressing his wishes for them to start working together again soon.

"Cannot follow… I believe that people in the house are contrary to custom, that for 15 years, at least once a week they keep you in the house, "he said, adding:" a lot more after what we think, that we will be on the same channel, because other times may come … but people have not changed so much that they accept, above all, not to see a character that has been around for more than 15 years "

“I tell you that I hope this is a short farewell, and we will see you very, very soon.”He finished.

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