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Entel and Movistar are bent on fighting Subtel for mobile telephony rates

On Thursday, the change and description reports (IMI), developed by the operators, were announced, and they stated their inconsistencies regarding the proposal of the authority, published last November about the next mobile access charge.

In the letter, Entel and Movistar, which offered a rate of $ 5.71 per minute and $ 6.07 per minute, respectively, lowered their expectations, but they are still far from what the telecommunication sub-secretariat offered (Subtel) , $ 1, 4 minutes. In the case of Entel, they raised the rate by $ 4.9 per minute, and in the case of Spanish – by $ 4.6 per minute.

At the same time, Claro and WOM have returned to a further reduction in the tariffs proposed earlier. The first – from 1.2 to 1 dollar per minute, and the second – from 0.2 to 0.19 dollars per minute. VTR was the only operator who submitted a proposal that exceeded the previous one, from $ 0.16 per minute to $ 0.2 per minute.

Opinion experts. IMI was accompanied by the conclusion of a commission of experts that Entel, Movistar, Claro and VTR requested, in order to create a technical equivalent of the proposals of the authority.

The non-binding table consists of three experts in this field. WOM was the only operator who decided not to have experts. The cost of one expert is £ 25,000. Art. (About 100 thousand US dollars).

The report expressed broad support for Subtel’s technical proposal for an exclusive review of 4G technology for calculating a new fee for access, eight of 12 experts supported the government’s thesis.

Of the four experts who had a different opinion on the government’s proposal, two of them represent operators who have advanced at a lower level, that is, Entel and Movistar.

“The demand for data from telecommunication users can only increase in the next few years, so it is extremely important to create conditions for the growth of high-speed mobile networks and provide benefits to users, such as the 4G network, which reach almost 15 million users in just four years,” said Deputy Minister of Telecommunications Pamela Gidi.

The definition of mobile access fees will be determined in January and will be valid for five years. With the publication of IMI and the report of the commission of experts, the body will determine the model of the company and the tariff.

Jidi added that “the final access fee rate will allow us to continue to increase competition, eliminating artificial asymmetry. In addition, the reduction of these tariffs, which today are the costs for companies, can be translated into larger and more favorable conditions for telecommunications users. ”

From WOM and VTR, they appreciated the delivery of these reports, ensuring that their results match their initial approaches.

Meanwhile, Movistar stated that his report showed that “the model considered by the authorities represents serious numerical discrepancies”. At the same time, Entel emphasized that the opinion of the expert Thomas Flores, appointed by general agreement, recommends a mixed 3G and 4G network for an efficient enterprise and the gradual introduction of VoLTE technology in accordance with its approaches.

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