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dress and hunt like a bayek and ezio

Capcom's epic hunt continues to add dream collaboration. We recently witnessed how Geralt made his way into the New World, and now he is doing the same saga about the Ubisoft assassins: Assassin & # 39; s Creed stars in the new time event Monster Hunter World.

From today and until January 11 You will have the opportunity to participate in a thematic mission. SMF: silent, deadly and ferocious, Purpose? Shoot down monsters from the air of ancient Egypt, getting among the awards feather Seine.


Exceptional item, because with it we can forge the imposed armor of Bayak, the main character of Assassin's Creed Origins, but also get a mantle Assassin's Hood, a new specialized tool whose appearance resembles an unforgettable Ezio Auditore.

And, as an appetizer, here is the official preview:

Of course, at the moment this collaboration is only available in consoles, although it was confirmed that I'll come to PC later,

What is the mission of Assassin & # 39; s Creed?


If you used the winter sales to get the game, or Santa Claus brought you, we will make it so easy for you to get these armor and items: access SMF: silent, deadly and ferocious you need to have the title of hunter like minimum level 14,

How do you rise in rank? Mostly promotion in the main plot of the game. From there you must request participation in this mission. temporary This happens in a special Arena with the sole purpose: to track down all the targets.

A simple plan on paper, but this will test our experience of hunters.


At the end of the mission, we can forge and exchange materials obtained in the camp with the help of armor, turn us into bayaka and this new cape, which, by the way, will increase the damage from our blows when we are hidden.

Capcom always offers excellent incentives and claims to return to the New World for adventure, and we must recognize that this new collaboration will delight the hunters Monster Hunter like from fans Assassin & # 39; s Creed,

And that, for parts like these, Monster hunter world He has always been considered one of the undisputed games of the year.

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