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Do you like oral sex? Pineapple will make you enjoy it even more

TURN 12/31/2008 11:00

There are men and women who prefer to miss oral sexBecause, of course, liquid Close relationships are not entirely pleasant, in fact, in most cases they are bitter. Not to mention the fact that they can emit unpleasant and unappetizing odors. But did you know that there is nutrition What do these smells and tastes change? Such is the case a pineappleThis is the only thing you need.

According to Veintitantos, study conducted by the University of Lyon in France. Food habits can give a sweet or at least neutral touch to the vaginal fluid, but, especially when spermIf you want this person to melt between your legs or vice versa, you should include it in your diet.

sperm It consists of proteins, nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Therefore, what they eat is largely related to this. On the other hand, a pineapple It stands out for its freshness, plenty of vitamins A, C, folic acid. In addition, minerals such as potassium, magnesium and iron.

It should be noted that it contains bromelainan enzyme that not only improves intestinal transit, but also turns proteins into amino acids.

Among his many qualities there is also an aphrodisiac, because it helps installation of penis Lasts longer and sharpens nerve endings. That is, it helps to neutralize aroma of sperm,

In this case, we can change the saying: “Your spermthis is what i eat. If your boy wants oral sex to become frequent, he should nutrition overly flavored, Like onions, spices, coffee, soft drinks, red meat and, above all, reduce the amount of tobacco.

In short, it would be nice if before you started to eat any pieces, especially because your tongue was left with this rough touch that women enjoy between their legs.






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