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Do not sleep: Google Maps captures strange creatures in Chernobyl

Google Maps has a reputation for capturing many paranormal phenomena in their photos, so hundreds of people around the world are trying to examine in detail each photo of terrible places on earth.

One of the most famous places for conspirators and terror lovers, no doubt Chernobyl, a city that became popular due to the nuclear disaster of April 26, 1986.

This accident is considered the worst nuclear catastrophe in history, as a result of which 31 people died directly from the explosion of a nuclear reactor and 15 more indirect ones from radiation or other factors. The last death associated with Chernobyl, occurred in 2011.

After the city was expelled and everything was in ruins, an infinite number of horror lovers set off for the ghost town to visit its abandoned buildings and experience for themselves.

But Chernobyl tourism does not end there, since Google maps It has several city routes that you can explore without leaving your home. Although you cannot enter buildings virtually, in photos taken for Google Maps, at least a couple of horrors await you.

Although the first thing that shows the video, it seems that some sheets are stuck in the window, the faces that it shows later can be assessed very clearly. However, as with everything paranormal, real or not, the final decision is yours.

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