Monday , January 18 2021

Digital branches, behavioral analytics, means of payment, the key for banking in 2019

IDC, a leading marketing, marketing, consulting and conference services firm for the information and communication technology sector, has designed how it will be next year for the banking sector in terms of technology adoption. Among its main findings, it is assumed that the key factors will be digital branches, behavioral analytics and modernization of its integration architecture for means of payment.

Jonathan Namkunura, software analyst at IDC Chile, points out that these efforts “will better serve a diverse and broad portfolio of banking customers” and adds that “from an internal point of view, one of the most important changes will be the flexibility associated with their digital competencies. The technology / transformation area will be responsible for capturing value and adding speed for these highly regulated organizations. This, according to our research Digital Transformation Using Taxonomy 2018: Banking,

IDC notes that the main objectives of banking by 2019 will be the promotion of its Digital Bank services and fine-tuning of the Digital Transformation strategy. "AT Cloud adoption research, corporate segmentMade for the Chilean market, we are seeing important advances in the implementation of the Cloud and its cybersecurity-oriented investments. Therefore, it is expected that these events will be implemented in specific initiatives and projects in 2019, ”adds Namuncura.

As for the Digital Bank, scenarios of opportunities between traditional institutions and the world of Fintech are expected. “A good way to move forward at this stage will be integration and joint work aimed at developing new products in the non-banking market segments, providing new prepaid funds or facilitating the opening of bank accounts through digital mechanisms. This last point also applies to SMEs, ”says IDC analyst.

Namunkura explains that as part of the Digital Transformation strategy, based on analyzes conducted “in the banking sector, we are witnessing changes in our structures that are seeking to provide greater opportunities in technology, improving budget allocations and ensuring the transversality of its initiatives.”

End user ratio

At the end-user level, the expert points out that “over the next few years, the physical / digital relationship will be increasingly apparent. Whether in industries, services and facilities, users will, for the most part, strive to combine their experience with these institutions, ”and in this sense“ a strategy of omnidirectional funding will be fundamental to solving these problems. ”

“It is expected that there will be active communication between the public and private sectors in order to improve and generate a smooth scenario among clients, regulators and the private sector,” he concludes.

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