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Controversial art sculpture to be launched into space this week

An American artist named Trevor Paglen decided to create a sculpture resembling a sword, reflecting the sunlight, and send it into space.

Since man had the opportunity to do this, he was amused by sending things into space. This includes satellites, rockets, cars, messages, etc. However, Soon this will happen with the first sculpture for artistic purposes, which we could see from our homes on Earth.

This is a project of American artist Trevor Paglen. This man worked for three years with the Art Museum of Nevada to build his most ambitious project: Orbital reflector, a sculpture designed for spacewalk.

The orbital reflector is a structure about 100 meters long in the form of a diamond (or sword)This is a structure capable of deploying and inflating a balloon that makes up most of its size.In addition, the balloon material is made of polyethylene terephthalate, such as a highly reflective plastic. That is, it can reflect sunlight on Earth.

This last feature is really important for the author. Paglen claims that the idea is that the sculpture can be seen from the planet without the need for a telescope.In essence, he disguises himself, as if it were another star in the sky.

It is known that the launch of the sculpture is scheduled for the first of December. Whoever takes it to space will be nothing more and nothing more than a Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket. On that day, they will reach an altitude of almost 600 kilometers, where they will be released for the orbit of the planet.

Controversial art sculpture to be launched into space this week


Of course, this project has attracted the attention of many people in these years., Members of scientific communities blame this action as “a purely aesthetic project that will add only tons of garbage that are already in spaceThis is something very true, since it is estimated that there are already at least 5,000 tons, divided by at least 17,500 objects floating there.

In addition, he is criticized for being a project without any obvious goal. Something different from the satellites that perform military, climatological, telecommunications, etc. Analysis. With an investment of $ 1.3 million, it’s natural for people to wonder if it’s worth the cost.

Paglen and the museum defended themselves, saying that the sculpture would not be in space forever. Actually, it is programmed that after two weeks it enters the atmosphere of the Earth and disintegrates. In addition, for the artist, this project is a model of "the realization of what already exists in space."

Do you think this is an art show worth seeing, or do you think it is a waste of time and money?

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