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Commodore 64 will be back in December with new and old games

Commodore 64, a classic 8-bit microcomputer that was popular in the eighties, will be back next December with a new version courtesy of Retro Games and Koch Media.

This new edition will be full size copy It will have a full-featured keyboard, and will also be compatible with high-definition TVs via an HDMI cable.

The new C64 will also include classic microswitch joystick It can be connected via one of the four USB ports that the device will have.

On the other hand, in terms of software, the new Commodore 64 will have the following modes:

  • Classic: with C64 BASIC and VIC20 BASIC
  • carousel

In all of them, players can access 64 preset names in this version of Commodore 64 which include classics like California Games, Paradroid and Boulder dash; and new additions such as Attack of mutant camels, Hover bowver, Iridis Alfa, and Gridrunner.

Finally, according to the specifications, if you want to load and save your own games in the classic modes, you can do this through a USB drive.

The new version of Commodore 64 will be added to the mini version of this device, which was released a few months ago, and will debut on December 5 with a cost of 119.99 euros.

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