Saturday , November 23 2019
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Chinese stock market has lost value like never before

Shares of the Asian giant this year fell by 25% due to a commercial war.

Year of oblivion for the actions of China. The Shanghai Composite Index fell by 25%, making it the main stock market with the worst performance in the world in 2018.

According to Bloomberg, the consequences of the trade war between the United States and China led to the fact that this year 2.4 billion dollars were eliminated. United States, while the campaign to reduce the share of borrowed funds reduced the marginal debt to only one third of its peak in 2015.

While foreign investors continued to invest in stocks, and state funds bought stock funds to bail out stocks, “they did little to stop the downturn,” says Bloomberg.

The agency claims that losses in the stock market are the largest for this market, and the closest one is It happened during the global financial crisis 10 years ago, when the Shanghai index fell by 65%. At the beginning of this year, China also gave Japan the place of the second largest stock market in the world.

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