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Chile Sectors We criticize La Moneda's passivity before the TVN crisis and the resignation of Francisco Orrego

Francisco Orrego was not able to turn 8 months as executive president of the Televisión Nacional and decided to step aside, in a decision that took him by surprise and annoyed at La Moneda.

In Palacio, they assume that the relationship with Orrego has not gone through a good time and has already shown signs that his continuity is in doubt. But their departure did not expect so sharp, because they were expecting it by the end of the year. Hence the phrase “not to spoil the day,” to which President Sibastian Pinera answered the question about this.

“He stated that he was performing the stage in which he headed TVN this year, and therefore his resignation was accepted,” said Cecilia Perez, head of Segegob, who is in charge of relations with the channel.

In La Moneda, they tried to signal normality. According to the spokesman, "the arguments of the former president of TVN are personal, they were reflected in the resignation of the role that he requested to be played by President Sebastian Pinera, and this resignation was accepted."

The spokeswoman also added that the appointment of Orrego is “studied,” and now they must find a successor. “The processes are at their stages, and the president is in the process of finding a replacement for the presidency of the Council of TVN,” said the minister.

“Fire Friend” from Chile Let's go

But in the midst of the crisis, the government is also confronted with “friendly fire” because Orrego’s exit blew criticism from the ranks of Chile Vamos. “The resignation of Orrego makes it clear that the government does not have the political will to make changes to the TVN. The government is wrong. Minister Perez was passive with regard to TVN. He did not accept the weight of this situation. The channel is falling apart, and she does not understand this, ”said MP Andres Celis, who made a“ call for the government to put batteries on TVN. ”

Meanwhile, the deputy also R.N. Gonzalo Fuenzalida said that “Orrego’s failure was not due to him, but due to the lack of state support,” La Tercera reports.

Congress criticism, reflected in these words of the ruling parliamentarians, is not new to the government. From Parliament, it was reported to La Moneda that the figure of Orrego was more part of the problem than a solution. Proof of this was his zero control to achieve the capitalization of TVN, whose last resources were obtained when discussing the budget, in a space where Orrego played no role.

Factor De Aguirre

A key factor in Orrego’s resignation was his relationship with the board of directors and the executive director of the station, Jaime de Aguirre.

Not mentioning this directly in a letter he sent to President Piniere, representing his resignation, Orrego sent his darts against a television man who, since December 2016, has been the executive director of TVN. "I reached the conviction that with the management of TVN remains in the hands of the same people who brought it to the current crisis, it will not succeed in pushing the channel" this was the most controversial message from Orrego.

The differences between Orrego and De Aguirre are longstanding. In July, the contract of the executive director of the station was leaked, and direct suspicions of workers and directors of the opposition were on the post of chairman of the board.

In this last section, Orrego said from La Moneda about reducing the revolutions against De Aguirre, although the original instruction was to lead him off the channel. However, the thread ended up being cut out by the chairman of the board, ending his own resignation.

Consequence of poor management

In the channel, interpret Orrego’s late departure as a consequence of mismanagement and regret that he found out in the press about his resignation.

The representative of the state channel workers, journalist Consuelo Saavedra, said that “Orrego really did something worse than I can imagine, with the lack of leadership,” while the press channel accused him of “leaving a lossy channel dismissal and accused of violating the law. "

TVN President Rodrigo Sid also commented on Orrego’s words regarding those responsible for the channel crisis, is not valid, because “to deliver as an argument that changes cannot be made when today the catalog is one of which it has the full right to make decisions for the company, it seems to me that this is not a valid reason for the submission of this letter of resignation. ”

“Simply put, the removal of the executive director (Jaime de Aguirre) requires five votes (out of a total of 9) and Francisco Orrego, apparently, it was his intention, he could not reunite them,” he told Radio Universe.

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